K1 Glow Grym
  • K1 Glow Grym

K1 Glow Grym

219,00 kr
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Äntligen är glow 2022 här!

Färg: Glow
Vikt: 174
Tryckfärg: Blåglitter
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Senaste gången den här produkten lades i en varukorg: 2023-08-12







Tillverkarens beskrivning:
Grym is our new disc for long smooth s-curves and tailwind bombs. A distance driver with a clean shape and a comfortable 2,2 cm rim. This disc is a big D driver for the common player. Grym is Swedish for cruel or awesome – try it out for some grym lines! …or as one of our team players put it… “by the way, that Grym gooooeees…”.

K1 Line is Kastaplast’s super durable material with a nice combination of firmness and gumminess. Discs in K1 Line will appear in both solid and translucent colors.

K1 Glow Grym
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Flight Numbers
S:13 G:5 T:-2 F:1

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